Which HGH Products Work? Increase HGH Levels By 489%

What you need to know…

There seem to be a lot of questions surrounding HGH concerning both genders and all ages.

Maybe this is because of all the promises HGH makes regarding the benefits in the field of reverse aging.

Or it could be the claims that Human Growth Hormone will increase your metabolism or even make your muscle mass greater.

Well, I can say that if you are going to be messing around with your body and health, then you definitely need to do plenty of research.

Certainly, beware of the information coming from the companies, they want sales so they will also report that theirs is miraculous.

Do you think it would be good to make a blind decision when it comes to your health? I think NO is the right answer there.

How Does HGH Work?

Fortunately for you, I have decided to perform a full amount of research into HGH and am willing to share it.

After all, that is my purpose, bringing forth all the facts ensuring that you have the information to make a good decision.

With that out of the way, let’s explore the reality of HGH.

What does HGH stand for? Simply, Human Growth Hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland situated in the brain.

HGH, in general, will stimulate cell production and growth in our bodies. Although, the biggest aspect of the hormone is increasing height as well as other benefits found in the chart below:

Making Sense With The Aging Factor Now?

When do we grow? Mostly through childhood and that happens to be when the hormone is secreting at its greatest level. Then, as our lives get busier around our 30’s and older, the pituitary gland produces less and the hormone secretion that we desperately need is reduced.

The peaking point of the secretion happens during puberty, right when we have a growth spurt. After that, it starts its slow downhill decline as we further into adulthood.

That decline of the Human Growth Hormone is believed to be what causes us to appear older. Not to mention the associated health issues like decreased muscle mass, less energy, diabetes and even depression.

Without being psychic, I can guess your next thoughts: If you increase the Human Growth Hormone secretion, then by the chain effect you will be healthier and look younger. Assuming the theory is true, then HGH should be our ‘Fountain of Youth’.

But, is it all that we have been waiting for? You can imagine looking into the mirror and seeing the wrinkles gone, fat decreasing and an overall glow that hadn’t existed for years. Don’t forget, the added energy, giving a little more pep in your stride.

If you are looking, there are multiple ways to add levels of HGH into your system. Just a few are the oral sprays, HGH injections and of course ‘natural supplements’, that all have the same claim.

How Are The Methods Different?


HGH Oral Sprays – Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof that these work. According to the studies that have been done, the growth hormone does not have the ability to accurately pass from the membranes of the mouth to where it needs to go. Probably a good idea to cross that one off the list.

The HGH Injection – When injecting the hormone, you are actually injecting a synthetic substance. Because of the injections, this type can be very expensive as a single serving can be priced at $25. Plus, you have to take it two or even three times a day. That’s up to $75 a day, and if you use it for an entire month then you are looking at spending around $2000. Is that money you have to spend? You won’t be finding this prescription over-the-counter in a cheaper form either. No, your insurance company will not cover this hormone. In addition, you should think about the fact that the injections of the Human Growth Hormone are synthetic. Do I really need to remind you that anything produced in a lab is liable to have side effects? Between the possible side effects and expensive cost, this doesn’t sound like a great option either.

Natural HGH Supplements – Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of this form and increasing the HGH in our systems. It is much similar to taken vitamins as they are distributed in tablet form. For the best benefit, they should be taken while the pituitary gland is at its highest functioning, during your sleep cycles. Why are these considered 100% natural? Because they contain no synthetic substances, only a combined mixture of herbs. The mixture stimulates the pituitary gland, which in turn allows the gland to secrete excess Human Growth Hormone. Compared to the alternatives, this is a much better option. Making it very popular because it can do what the other methods can’t do, especially since it’s not synthetic. Best part, you don’t need a prescription and no side effects have been reported.


Through all this discussion, we can say that your best bet to increase HGH levels is to go with the Human Growth Hormone supplements. But, as we know that natural is the way to go, we have yet to discuss which ones truly work and which don’t.

Can we be sure that what we pick up is a wholesome natural supplement and not a synthetic in disguise? We should be sure of how to tell the difference.

Of course, the first step is to check all the ingredients and the quantity of each in the bottle. Because this can be confusing, I have done research on my own and have found a number of products to share.

My hopes are to make your selection process easier.

Which Supplements Are Best In The HGH Community?

To answer this question I had to first put together a multi-stage study which was designed to discover the opportune Human Growth Hormone product, that will make the HGH levels intensify.

As with any product, I can say that based on my study none of the tested products worked on every person or worked at 100%. Now, it’s not all bad news, as some did work better than others.

Thus, I have included the 3 HGH supplements that I found to be the best out there.

Here are the excellent products that most accurately produced results.


The products were ranked according to the testimonials, quality and customer satisfaction. These are some important aspects and that’s why I emphasized them.

In addition, I heavily reviewed the company producing the Human Growth Hormone, because a company’s reliability is essential.

This means I took into account their reputation, customer service, the history and if they honored their money back guarantee.

GenF20 Plus

98% Success Rate


genf20 plus review GenF20 is being used successfully by thousands of people around the globe. It is not associated with any untoward risk factors. The manufacturers also offer a 67-day money-back guarantee that helps your decision making easier. The amino peptide and vitamins used in GenF20 are team players and work amazingly well together, performing their task to perfection. The icing on the cake is that this HGH supplement comes from an FDA certified lab. Click Here For Full review.



90% Success Rate

genfxhgh GenFX has played a significant role in the game plan for successful HGH supplementation, proving extremely effective in offering the magic of reverse aging. It is affordable and comes with excellent customer service. It is a non-prescription drug that has come out victorious in performing its role amazingly well, keeping users completely safe in the process.



Product Name

GenF20 Plus


Side Effects




67 days

60 days




Staff Support






Avg. Rating



Full Review

GenF20 Plus Full Review


After all my research, including contacting people on the supplements, I have concluded that the best products on the market were GenF20 Plus and next up is GenFX.

What Is Special About Them?

Both of these products are 100% natural and have the best combination of natural herbs. Basically, I couldn’t find any product that truly compared to these two products. Which means, that a lot of the products out there, are not advertising correctly.

FDA Certified Lab Produces GenF20 Plus

You can feel safe with this supplement because the lab it comes from, is authorized by the FDA and that means strict rules. GenFX is made by a GMP accredited labs, which bring out the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality.

Upon contacting these companies during my research, I was taken by surprise with the responses I got. Everybody seemed pleased to fully answer my questions and were even comfortable with us checking anything out. Both companies do offer a money back guarantee, GenF20 allows 67 days while GenFX has 60 days.

Your Next Question Is Why? Right?

Both products offer similar results, so why am I partial to the GenF20 over the GenFX?

This was because of the user reviews, as they were the main difference. Plus, I wanted to make sure that I covered all the bases before bringing any information to the table.

The reviews on the top two supplements were given by hundreds of consumers and based on the quick action. GenF20 came out with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, while GenFX got a 4.2 out of 5 stars. Obviously, the GenF20 Plus came out on top.

Try Them Out And Make Your Own Decision

Just because you are unsure, doesn’t mean you can’t try it. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back without having to worry about side effects.

The websites are easy enough to find, www.GenF20Plus.com and for GenFx it’s just www.GenFX.com.

Please do keep in mind that you don’t want to mix these products together. Combining products without the knowledge of what could happen, could end up extremely dangerous.

Because of the number of products out there, deciding on just one can be difficult. I do know that many companies take advantage of our lack of knowledge and cheat on their claims. This does tend to make the average consumer indecisive when it comes to a product that is being truthful.

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While I am always on the move and testing new products, I do want to say thank you for visiting my site and do come back for updates.

My love is with research and educating my readers with genuine information. Any comments from my readers are much appreciated as well.


The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH.
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