Dangers Of HGH Injections

When we begin to get older and our body slowly begins to age we find out that our skin starts looking worse, our bones get thinner and more susceptible to fractures, our muscles get smaller and the body fat gets bigger, we begin suffering from sexual dysfunctions and loss of libido and have a far weaker immunity to diseases.

This is why when many people get over their mid-30s they embark on a journey to find their Fountain of Youth; a medication which can once again help them look and feel a lot younger and better.

There is no denying that our society really loves to praise health and beauty, and to criticize obesity and ugliness. One of the best known methods that more and more people use for their fight against aging is HGH injections.

Although in the past this was only used on children with various growth disorders, science has now taken this therapy to the older people who want to feel young again.

However, it is a fact that there are some great dangers of HGH injections that in fact not many people are aware of, even though they use this treatment.

There are some which are only for a short period of time, but there are others which can last for the rest of your life.

If you want to know more about the dangers of HGH injections keep on reading this article.

One of the biggest dangers of HGH injections that you can suffer from is acromegaly.

This is a condition which is known to form when there is too much growth hormone in the body and the body tissue gradually begins to enlarge until it reaches alarming sizes.

This can be the cause of suffering from overgrowth of many of the vital organs in the human body, as well as great increases of the hair and bone tissues. If not treated correctly and in timely manner, acromegaly can lead to death.

Another one of the major dangers of HGH injections that are known when undergoing this therapy is injection site reaction.

To put it more simply, this is when the anti-bodies, which sense that there is some kind of foreign object that is entering the body, rush to the site where the injection was shot in order to block the path for any potential invaders that may be coming in.

The result of this is a painful, swelling, and in rare cases even life threatening problem which needs to be treated immediately in order to escape any kind of severe consequences to the health.

Although there is no denying that HGH injections are the quickest and easiest way of all the HGH intake methods when you want to fight with the process of aging, the simple truth is that they are not for everyone.

Even if you choose to ignore the dangers of HGH injections that I have listed above, you still need to get a prescription by a fully licensed physician in order to undergo this therapy, and the overall cost of the whole treatment process can be as much as $16,000.

This is not a price that everyone can afford and it should be taken into serious consideration. There are in fact far more reliant ways that can still bring you all of the positive results but in the meantime spare you the dangers of HGH injections.

One such way is using HGH supplements. If you are interested about this subject, you should make a more comprehensive research on the matter. It will definitely be worth your time.

The HGH supplements that are available on the market work in a completely different way from the injections.

This means that you can be sure that all of the dangers of HGH injections will not be present with HGH supplements.

First off, they are made up entirely of amino acids which are natural to the body so they won’t be rejected.

They also work by simply boosting the pituitary gland which is responsible for the production of growth hormone.

This means that you will naturally increase the levels of growth hormone and there won’t be any danger of getting acromegaly, one of the biggest dangers of HGH injections.

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